A terminal-based slide presenter

bcn.jpegI quit using PowerPoint long ago because I got tired of managing giant files and also dealing with templates, fonts, etc. If I ever need to make slides with images and pretty fonts, I use a LaTeX template.

But for day to day use, I use Catpoint. Catpoint is a text-based slide presenter that uses ncurses to present ordinary text files in a terminal window. So you just create a set of text files, name them so they are sorted in the order that you want, and then execute catpoint with an argument telling it which files to load (e.g., /home/user/slides/*.txt). Catpoint will then display the file in the terminal window. If you're presenting you simply increase the font size in your terminal program to make the slides easier to see.

Catpoint was created by Lazaros Koromilas and Laslo Hunhold. You can get it with git (git clone git:// or you can visit this link

Image is from Breaking Cat News.

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