jrn – A small bash script for keeping a journal

Whenever I write anything, I write it and save it as a simple ASCII text file.  This has obvious benefits, of course, not the least of which is that I don’t have to worry about my data files becoming outdated any time soon.

I’ve been writing out my journal entries using a text editor (usually either vim or Sublime), and wanted to be able to quickly and easily create time-stamped text files for use as a journal or diary, from the Linux or MacOS command line.  Being able to quickly create a journal entry from the command line was my primary need.

I looked around online and did not find anything that was satisfactory, so I put together a simple bash shell script that would do the job for me.  I called it “jrn” and provide it here for anyone to download and use.  Once you install it, you just have to type “jrn” at the command line and the script will create a time stamped text file then open it up in your favorite text editor so you can start your journal or diary entry.

Full instructions are included in the archive linked below.