Avoid Will Fix It plumbers in San Antonio!

We contacted them back in October 2015 to replace a shower valve.  The guy comes over, says he can’t do it today but will be back on Monday with all the gear he needs.  Whatever.  We get a hotel room for two nights because the valve was leaking so bad we had to turn off the water.

Fast forward to 18 Jun 2016.  Same valve BREAKS and cannot be shut off.  Hot and cold water are freely pouring out the faucet into the tub.  Call Will Fix It.  Guess what?  He shows up and says he can’t fix it because he doesn’t have the parts.  Really? The parts for the valve that YOU installed?  He just says, “Sorry” and leaves, telling us he’ll come back on Monday with the parts he needs.  So once again we are forced to shut the water off and spend money for two nights in a hotel, thanks to We Won’t Fix It Yet.

Stay away from these clowns.  In between making you wait and putting in shoddy parts, they constantly try to upsell you on water softeners, water heaters, etc.  Screw them.