Avoid Buffalo Wild Wings, Alamo Ranch, San Antonio, TX!


Buffalo Wild Wings, Alamo Ranch
5411 West 1604 North
San Antonio, TX 78253

Time we visited: 18 July 2014, 7:30 PM

What Happened?

Avoid this place at all costs!  My son said he had a craving for some wings, so we decided to go to this place since they have a more diverse menu than other wing places.  When we arrived we were seated immediately, which was nice.  It should have been a dead giveaway that the place was not crowded on a Friday night!

Anyway, we were seated in a booth and given menus.  Then… nothing.  We sat there for a full 15 minutes, during which time no waitpersons spoke to us, much less took our drink orders.  During this time two tables next to ours were seated, and both of them were taken care of within 5 minutes.

This really made me angry, so we decided to leave.  I went to tell the manager what happened.  No apology.  She seemed overwhelmed, and certainly did not care at all.

Screw you, Buffalo Wild Wings.  I should have checked the Yelp page for this location, as it reflects the poor quality of this place.  There are a lot of other places to dine in San Antonio, especially for good wings.  Save your hard-earned money and avoid this dump.

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